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Martyn's NEW BOOK!

Bugs, Beasts & Biscuits

Love bug-hunting? You'll LOVE this new book by Children's Author Martyn Harvey.

Featuring 20+ witty and entertaining poems for children, this collection will engage your children and prompt them to think about bugs and mini-beasts in a very different way!

Not satisfied with just observing and drawing bugs, Martyn Harvey explores the tiny secret underworld at out feet, un-earthing The Wurm,dislodging The Millipede and exposing The Spider's evil ways!

With full colour illustrations alongside delightful pen-and-ink artwork, this is a MUST-HAVE book for any bookshelf!

Coming Soon!

Resulting from a collaborative project between the author and three Thanet primary schools, "Bugs, Beasts and Biscuits" is due out Spring 2021.

There's even a NEW YouTube channel with videos to accompany the book!

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The Boy with the Saucepan Hat

Can't wait to get into reading Martyn Harvey? Try his FIRST BOOK here:

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat

25 pages with Full Colour Illustrations. Printed on 170 gsm silk finished paper. 198mm x 129mm

New Book - The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey

Only £4.99 (VAT exempt)

+ £0.00 postage and packing

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat

Buying for friends and family? Discounts on multiple copies. 25 pages Full Colour. 170 gsm silk paper 198mm x 129mm

New Book - The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey

+ £0.00 postage and packing

About the Book...

When Oliver Todd wakes up with a Saucepan stuck firmly on his head, he thinks, at first that - surely things can't get any worse... or can they?

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat features a Boy and a Saucepan (obviously), some worried parents, a cute baby sister and a loyal best mate, Alan. This is a story about what happens when the unfortunate Oliver Todd takes his head and the saucepan (which is stuck on that head) to the local Accident and Emergency Department.

It's a great new funny book for kids! Get YOUR hands on a limited First Edition copy, right here!

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If you prefer go visit a local bookshop and pick up a copy, here's where to get it:

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Preview pages

Want to see inside the book?

Of course, the best thing to do is to buy the book (or ask for it at your local library or school library) but if you want a SNEAK PEEK right here, today, we've put together a few pics showing some of the inside pages.

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat is available to buy now on Amazon and on this web site: We hope you like it!

See Preview here

For Release Spring 2021

Mr Wibberley Wobberley's Amazing Flying Bicycle

Mr Wibberley Wobberley is a man obsessed: Obsessed with cycling, obsessed with Saving The Planet and obsessed with recycling and inventing. He makes rickety bicycles for his family made out of other old bicyle bits - all held together with string!

People point and people laugh - but it is Mr Wibberley Wobberley who has the last laugh as his wonderful Flying Bicyle lifts off!

With backdrops of iconic landmarks around the Thanet coastline (where Martyn Harvey lives) this is a book that will entertain and stimulate kids everywhere - especially if you're into cycling the "Wibberley Wobberley Way!"

Presented to local schoolchildren already, kids find this a really funny book. Mr Wibberley Wobberley's Amazing Flying Bicycle is due for release in Spring 2020 - "The Year of the Flying Bicycle"!

See a Preview here

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More titles coming soon...

We're working hard to bring more of Martyn Harvey's whacky and entertaining tales to a book store or a web site near you. Here's a quick round-up of the next titles in the pipeline.

Elsie Green and the Trampoline

Elsie Green is a very rude little girl who gets everything she wants - including an ENORMOUS trampoline. She loves bouncing but one day, bounces just a bit too high - and gets stuck on the moon!

Of course, her mum and dad and everyone including the police, fire brigade and a bunch of friendly builders try to get her down but she is so rude that they decide to leave her up there!

Love funny books for kids and want to know when this one's available?

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Uncle Jack and the Bumblebee

When a 12-year-old boy opens a window to let out a fly, he is a bit annoyed when a bumblebee comes in after the fly. But things get worse!...

"You may question this story; or think it absurd,
but, after the bumblebee - in came...a bird...
...who fluttered and flapped and seemed fit to explode,
in a flurry of feathers,
and I should have then knowed:
That a bee can be nasty, and give quite a sting...
but a bird in the house?
Now - that's a baaaaad thing!"

Well, eventually, his good old Uncle Jack turns up - and brings even more animals! Find out what happens when your house becomes a jungle!

'...but, then, he returned - with a bit of a smell,
and a couple of chimps and a baby gazelle;
a lizard, a python, a penguin or two...
.. in fact, pretty much everything, found in a zoo!'

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