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We're delighted to announce: Martyn Harvey, author of the NEW Children's Book "The Boy with the Saucepan Hat" is teaming up with Brain Tumour Research (UK) to raise funds and awareness for the charity. What's Martyn getting up to?...

June 19th 2020 WEAR A HAT DAY (with Flowers)

LIKE HATS? LIKE BOOKS? Buy a book to Raise Funds!

Brain Tumour Research's WEAR A HAT DAY (with Flowers) gives kids, parents, teachers, work colleagues, friends, family - ANYONE - an opportunity to have FUN raising awareness and funds for the charity - just by wearing a hat for the day and donating to the charity! Wear it to work, wear it to school, wear it to bed - you decide!

And even just buying my NEW book will help you donate to Brain Tumour Research!

Donate on the Official Web Site NOW

So what's it got to do with Martyn Harvey's NEW book? Well, Martyn just thought it would be a fun thing to do, to team up with Brain Tumour Research and spread the word - about both a great new book (The Boy with the Saucepan Hat), and brain tumour research awareness.

Why not WEAR A HAT, Buy a Book - or do BOTH... and help raise awareness about brain tumours, and help raise funds for research into one of the UK's major killers of children and adults under 40!

Buy the Book and Donate £1

Get a GREAT BOOK and fund Brain Tumour Research. £1 per copy goes to Research

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey - £1 Donation to Brain Tumour Research

Only £4.99 (VAT exempt)

+ £0.00 postage and packing

Get a Signed Copy & Donate £5

Get a SIGNED Copy and fund even more research! £5 per copy donated to Research

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat by Martyn Harvey - £5 Donation to Brain Tumour Research

Only £9.99 (VAT exempt)

+ £0.00 postage and packing

Martyn's NEW BOOK!

Bugs, Beasts & Biscuits

Love bug-hunting? You'll LOVE this new book by Children's Author Martyn Harvey.

Featuring 20+ witty and entertaining poems for children, this collection will engage your children and prompt them to think about bugs and mini-beasts in a very different way!

Not satisfied with just observing and drawing bugs, Martyn Harvey explores the tiny secret underworld at out feet, un-earthing The Wurm,dislodging The Millipede and exposing The Spider's evil ways!

With full colour illustrations alongside delightful pen-and-ink artwork, this is a MUST-HAVE book for any bookshelf!

Coming Soon!

Resulting from a collaborative project between the author and three Thanet primary schools, "Bugs, Beasts and Biscuits" is due out July 2020.

There's even a NEW YouTube channel with videos to accompany the book!

Click for YouTube Channel

Watch this space for news of Martyn's latest hilarious book for kids!

Bugs, Beasts & Biscuits

Running the Liverpool Half

He did it! Martyn Harvey has completed the Liverpool Half Marathon, running for UK charity Brain Tumour Research to raise funds for research and awareness about this devastating disease. Why?...

Did YOU know that 16,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumours EVERY year?

Did you know brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer?

We didn't! And when Martyn heard these facts and heard about WEAR A HAT DAY - he decided that it would be great fun to get involved with Brain Tumour Research and try to make a small contribution to the cause... by doing something silly!

What he did...

Martyn is a bit of a running geek - and loves doing lengthy runs around the Thanet coast in preparation for the odd major event. In 2012 and 2018, he completed the London Marathon and raised hundreds of pounds for charities close to his heart.

This time, Martyn ran a slightly shorter distance - just 13 miles(!) at the Liverpool Half Marathon event on 15th March 2020 - part of Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

"It was an absolutely brilliant day out!" says Martyn.. "Even though I was running with a Saucepan on my Head I managed to get round the course in a reasonable time - for my age! The crowds were so supportive and I'd like to thank the hundreds of people - both spectators and runners - who waved, cheered or honked their car horns as we passed. In view of the current difficult times, I think it will be a while before we can get out there and do this again but - I can't wait!"

"And thank you all for donating to Brain Tumour Research - every penny counts!"

Follow Martyn's crazy antics here and at his JustGiving page:

More fun and photos here:

What's the Book ABOUT?

Want to see inside the book?

Of course, the best thing to do is to buy the book (or ask for it at your local library or school library) but if you want a SNEAK PEEK right here, today, we've put together a few pics showing some of the inside pages.

The Boy with the Saucepan Hat is available to buy now on Amazon and on this web site: We hope you like it!

See Preview here

Buy Local (Thanet, Kent)

If you prefer go visit a local bookshop and pick up a copy, here's where to get it:

Moon Lane Books & Toys, Addington Street, Ramsgate

Margate Bookshop, Old Town, Margate

Nice Things (Gifts and Art), Harbour Street, Ramsgate

York Street Gallery, York St.,Ramsgate

Lovelys Art Supplies & Gifts, Northdown Road, Cliftonville

More about these shops here

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